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Providing The Therapy You Need

Individual Therapy

Whether or not you or your child has an ED diagnosis, or you are struggling with your relationship to food, I am here to help you get to a better place, find balance, and heal. Individual therapy is based on the trust and sanctity of our relationship, in which we will cultivate a safe, empathic, and compassionate space. I am direct but warm in my approach.

Adolescent Focused Therapy 
and Parent Coaching

Your teen might be engaging in an eating disorder, disordered eating behaviors, struggling with body image, or grappling with the stress and anxiety of adolescence. She might be questioning her worth, feeling disempowered, or her beliefs or relationship with food might be rigid. You aren’t sure what to say or do, and you might feel overwhelmed, lost, helpless. I am here to empower your teen, help her find her voice again, and teach her skills to live a more grounded life. 

I am here to coach YOU, as her parent, to engage more meaningfully in her life, decrease the power struggle, and learn tools to support her growth and development.

Family-Based Therapy (FBT)

When your child has an eating disorder that cannot be treated with individual therapy due to the severity of the eating disorder behaviors and/or medical complications that arise from the eating disorder, a more intensive, evidence-based, best care practice of FBT may be warranted. This approach utilizes the family of the loved one that is suffering from an ED as her most useful agent of change and recovery.

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